Glue Boards

Our Glue Boards,(also known as glue traps) are affordable, effective and indiscriminate. They are trays coated with an extremely sticky adhesive. Often used to get rid of rodents, insects and snakes, many buy these boards as an alternative to indiscriminate snap traps, which endanger pets and children.Animals that touch a glue board are immediately caught and stuck to the board and usually suffer a slow death by starvation or suffocation.

Accidental contamination.

  • In the case of accidental contamination, either to an individual or pet animals. This guide should help to de-contaminate the surface.
  • Items required:-
  • 1) Protective gloves
  • 2) Bottle of vegitable oil  ( baby oil will do if vegitable oil is not readily available, but is not as effective )
  • 3) Bath towel
  • Run hot water over the bottle of oil until the oil feels warm on your wrist, but is not hot enough to burn. It is not necessary to heat the oil if you do not have the capacity to do so.
  • With a gloved hand, gently restrain the animal near, but not over, their head with a towel. Keep a firm but gentle grip on the animal.
  • With your other hand, gently massage the heated oil at the animal’s points of contact with the board. It will take several minutes for the oil to start to soften the glue. Continue massaging until the animal becomes free from the glue board. This may take some time and a great deal of patience.
  • Once you’ve removed the board, keep the animal in a warm, and quiet location.The animal should receive treatment for being “oiled,” as oil affects their ability to regulate body temperature. If this is not possible, then a holding period until release conditions are appropriate is the next best step.
For surface areas or fingers gently clean the area with the oil until is is cleared, then wash with soapy water.

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